What Are The Traits Of Inspirational Leaders?

What Are The Traits Of Inspirational Leaders?

Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned, mostly by experience. Leaders are made, not born. Today Phil Di Bella shares with us the common traits of great leaders with these nine points: 

  1. Integrity: great leaders do what they say they’re going to do
  2. Resilience: great leaders have the ability to get back up again
  3. Accountability: great leaders own their mistakes 
  4. Brave and inspiring: great leaders inspire with their actions
  5. Adaptability: great leaders can change and adapt according to the situation
  6. Compasion: great leaders understand and listen with empathy 
  7. Reflect on their own actions: great leaders often look in the mirror and check on their actions and its effect around them
  8. Challenge: great leaders surround themselves with people that challenge them to be better
  9. Positivity: great leaders keep a positive attitude, and encourage others to keep a positive attitude, even in a crisis.

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