The Five Templates You’ll EVER Need To Run A Business

Today Phil is bringing the big guns!

Grab your pen and paper, because in this episode The Coffee King shares with us these 5 easy to implement strategies to help you achieve better results in your business, whether you are in a startup face, conceptualise state, or running a business.

Decision Making

  • Does It Generate a Sale?
  • Does It Generate a Saving?
  • Does It Contribute To Great Culture?


Lead In Terms of

  1.     People (Clients and Staff)
  2.     Products
  3.     Promotion


Outline two items in each area to complete each week

What Are You Going To Do More Of?

What Are You Going To Do Less Of?

What Are You Going To Do New?

What Are You Going To Delete?

Data Driven Strategies



Creating Value With WIFM  

What’s In It For Me?

If you understand that, you will understand what’s in it for the other person, so you can generate value.


As always, thanks for listening.

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