The Beautiful Concept of Leadership

Today I want to talk about the beautiful concept of leadership, and tell me how many times do you hear someone call themselves a leader in the world and I can go to town with examples with this when executives teachers schooling and, the one I use a lot and have to be careful with, is politicians. Everyone’s a self-proclaimed leader. Just ask them. Everyone believes that they’re a leader if they can talk, you know strong and tough and motivate and get out the front and drag people to success and all the rest of it; well simply put, I’m going to talk over the next few minutes about my concept of leadership but I’m going to give you a resource to go to, It’s been my go to for many years that I put up when I’m speaking and it’s go to YouTube and it’s lessons from a dancing guy, there you’ll get a very very clear and great example of what leadership is all about. And it’s a model that I followed for many years and simple to me the best leaders in the world lead from beside or behind. What they do is that they set very very clear vision and destinations for people so that people can emotionally buy into what they’re doing and then they set the parameters so something that I work really hard on in my companies and when I’m consulting to others is to say people make sure that you know let people know where and what the destination looks like and then make sure that you’ve got very clear banks of the river and at times as banks of the river have to come in and narrow sometimes they can widen your trick as a leader is to stand beside people and behind them and guide them towards the destination whilst moving those you know the banks of the river closer and wider when necessary.

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